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4 Year-End Tax Planning Steps for Connecticut Taxpayers to Save Money





The year-end will be here soon.  Here are 4 year-end tax planning steps for Connecticut taxpayers:


When to File Separate Tax Returns to Save Money



Married couples have a choice when they file their income tax returns.  They can file as married filing jointly or as married filing separately.


Married Filing Jointly

Most married couples will file a joint income tax return.  There may be little or no tax savings so they choose to file jointly.


The 5 Most Common Itemized Deductions

Mortgage Interest—Many taxpayers can deduct their mortgage interest on their residence.  However, there is a limitation on this.  The interest on a primary residence can only be deducted on up to $1,000,000 mortgage and $100,000 line of credit.  Points paid to secure a mortgage when purchasing a new home are fully deductible.  Points paid on a refinance must be amortized over the life of the loan.

8 Ways to Withdraw From Your IRA Before Age 59½ Without Penalty

Traditional IRAs were designed to provide an opportunity for people to save for retirement on a pre-tax, tax-deferred basis.  In other words, the money grows without having to pay any taxes currently on the gains.

Can You Claim Your Elderly Parents as Dependents on Your Tax Return?

This could be a very difficult situation for many of us and quite a role reversal. However, as our parents age we may have to consider the option of having them live in our home. If you are taking care of an elderly individual in your residence you may be able to claim them as your dependent providing you meet certain conditions.