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A Trunk Full of Turkeys

Peter, Aaron, Tom This holiday season, the partners of Borgida & Company received a "Trunk Full of Turkeys" from their staff. All were donated to Manchester Food Pantry.



1099 Reporting Guidelines

January 31, 2010 is the deadline to furnish Form 1099-MISC to recipients.  The 1099-MISC form is used to report more than two dozen types of payments that must be claimed as income by the recipient. 

Hartford Business Journal Interview with Tom Scanlon

  Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon was interviewed by the Hartford Business Journal on the Seven Sins of Financial Planning™.   more


"Tis the Season" to take the Taxpayers Pledge

Frequently, people will ask me, "What can I do about my taxes?"  The short answer is―it depends.  Before getting into any specific tax strategy, it's important to first take the Taxpayers Pledge.

Unlimited Estate Tax Exclusion in 2010 is Dying

Congress recently passed legislation to keep the federal estate tax exclusion at $3.5 million.  Taxable estates would be taxed at 45%.