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Tax Minimization Solution ™

The R.O.S. Conversation

This conversation is the first step in learning about your business. We want to be provided with a 360 degree view of your organization by identifying its Risks, Opportunities and Strengths (R.O.S.). With this understanding and background we will be able to better support you and your businesses needs creating a strong bond forming the basis of our ongoing relationship.

The Goals Meeting

In this meeting our team will evaluate the results of the R.O.S. Conversation with you. After analyzing these results we can then clarify your goals and what your organization is trying to accomplish. Our primary objective in this meeting is to focus on prioritizing these goals by helping you develop Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) goals, the cornerstone to a successful organization.

The Tax Planning Meeting

The tax planning meeting is customarily near year-end. This allows us to have the most up to date information, yet still have time to plan for year-end. We understand the impediment income taxes have on growing and expanding an organizations networth. This meeting is focused on exploring all of the tax options available to you.

The Delivery Meeting

At this meeting we will deliver the annual income tax returns and, if applicable, the financial statements. Our mission is to provide timely and complete tax returns and financial statements. This allows our clients to be in compliance with their federal and state tax filing responsibilities and any banking requirements. The timely delivery of these documents assures a smooth closing of the year-end and provides piece of mind for our clients.

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Are you a new client?

Here’s a list of helpful forms and aides to get you started:

  • Individual Income Tax Organizer (questions and personal information)
  • Business information checklist
  • Estate and Trust checklist

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