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Things You NEED to Know About Filing Your 2020 Income Tax Returns

Extended filing deadline for Individual returns (form 1040)   The IRS had extended the filing deadline for individual income tax returns (form 1040) ONLY to May 17, 2021. Tax payments can be made up to the May 17th filing date

4 Reasons NOT to Wait for Your K-1

Subchapter S corporations (“Sub S”), partnerships, limited liability companies (“LLC’s”) and estates and trusts issue form K-1s. This form documents the stockholders, partners, members or beneficiaries share of their profit or loss from the entity.  Don’t wait for this form

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4 Easy and (Mostly) Free Ways to Deliver Your Tax Documents to Us

Sending mail through the U.S. Postal Service has been VERY slow recently.  Some people were saying they received holiday cards…in the second week of February. We inquired with one of the postal carriers that delivers our mail about why there

5 Smart Tax Moves to Make in February 2021

1. Fund Your IRA   Taxpayers with earned income can fund an IRA for 2020.  The due date for this contribution is April 15, 2021.  Taxpayers can fund up to $6,000 if they have this much in earned income. Taxpayers