Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm partners with Thomson Reuters to provide the software platform for our secure client portals. The November 18, 2023 update will improve your sign-in experience and security.

What you need to know:

  1. You’ll need to create a new username and password. To do this, you’ll need your current NetClient CS login ID and password. If you’ve saved these details to your browser, please memorialize them. If you’ve forgotten your login ID, please reach out to your staff accountant.
  2. You can create your account in advance by using this link – set up your Thomson Reuters Account
  3. The sign-in page will look different but will function the same way. This video showcases the new experience but please note that the video recommends using th Auth0 Guardian app for verifying your identity but Borgida & Company is recommending using your cell phone to receive a text message code (watch the video):
  4. You’ll need to enable TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. There are several options available to verify your identity when you log in. The PREFERRED option is to receive a call back with a 6-digit code or a text message with the code to enter. We recommend you use the text message option for authentication.
    The other option is the Auth0 Guardian mobile app, which is free on the Apple App Store: for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.
  5. At the end of the setup procedure you will be given an emergency access code – some 20 odd alpha numeric code – PLEASE KEEP THAT SAFE – as that is a fall back code if you don’t have access to your device. We will NOT be able to create a temporary 24-hour code going forward.