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Why Some Small Businesses Should NOT be an LLC

The Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) certainly has become a popular form of business entity.

If there is only one member (owner) then setting up these entities has become a breeze.

Just go online, fill out some forms, pay the registration fee and presto, you’re in business.

Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean you should do it this way.


 Why an LLC?

The Difference Between an LLC and a Subchapter S Corporation

Startup businesses are often considering either a Limited Liability Company ("LLC") or a Subchapter S Corporation.  Here are the differences:

Why Every Week is "Shark Week" for the Self-Employed in Connecticut – Updated

This week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  Last year, we told you how every week is "Shark Week" for the self-employed in Connecticut.  Now, a year later, there is even more blood in the water.

Why Every Week is "Shark Week" for the Self-Employed in Connecticut

This is "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel.  We are (not so gently) reminded not to swim with the sharks.

For the self-employed in Connecticut, every week is "Shark Week".  A self-employed person is someone who runs their business as one of the following entities:

Tax Breaks for Hiring Your Child

Does your child need a job this summer?  Do you own a business and need some summertime help?  If so, consider hiring your child.  There may be some exceptional tax benefits for you.  If you own an unincorporated business and you employ your child under age 18, their wages are not subject to social security taxes.