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5 Reasons Everyone Should Contribute to an IRA


Here are the five reasons everyone should contribute to an IRA.

1) Income Tax Deduction.  Many taxpayers who contribute to an IRA will get a tax deduction.  Some taxpayers with higher incomes that participate in a retirement plan at work will not be able to get a tax deductible IRA. Taxpayers are allowed to contribute $5,000 annually to an IRA if they have at least that amount of earned income and are under age 70. Taxpayers over age … Continue reading »

The Difference Between an IRA and a Roth IRA

Deciding whether to open an IRA or  a Roth IRA is a major decision with potentially large financial consequences. Both forms of the IRA are great ways to save for retirement, although each offers different advantages and rules. 

IRA…All the Way…to Retirement!

The IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) is one of the more underutilized tools for retirement planning.  The primary benefit to an IRA is tax-deferred investing.  Income taxes are not paid until taxable distributions are made.  With limited exceptions, distributions made prior to age 59½ are subject to a 10% penalty in addition to income taxes.

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