Would You Like to Sign Your Income Tax Returns Electronically?

Local Manchester, CT CPA firm now offering e-signature for clients.

photo: man signing document with pen

Borgida & Company, P.C. offers E-Signature to our clients who use our client portal for return “delivery”.


E-Signature capabilities allow YOU to sign your return electronically, submit to us via your client portal so we can file your return electronically without you ever having to come into the office or mailing anything!!


In order to use E-Signature, all parties on a return must have a valid, unique email address. Couples with a joint return require two separate email addresses. Each taxpayer will receive a separate email link to e-sign the return. Prior to signing the return, you should review the return and “action item” instructions for the results of your return.  After both taxpayers sign our system will notify us to e-file your return. If you do NOT want to e-sign, simply “decline” the offer on the email so you will not receive reminder requests. If you want to use this service, please let us know ASAP! Thank you.

If you have any questions, please call your staff accountant at (860) 646-2465.