7 extra large bins filled, removed & shred!

2 clients emptying boxes photo of clients smiling while dropping shred bags

Our seventh-annual free SHRED EVENT is complete! Over 3,000 pounds of material safely shred and disposed of. Dozens of Borgida & Company clients arrived at the Manchester office this week with their boxes, bags and with their arms full of their sensitive, no-longer necessary paperwork. One client commented that she is relieved to start 2023 “feeling lighter and ready to go!” We heard your many words of thanks and want to say “You are WELCOME!!”

large trash bins lined up

6 of the 7 stuffed bins ready for destruction!

Thank you to INFOSHRED for their expertise in disposing of our material in a professional and timely manner for these many years.

Photo: Shred guy Perris

Shred guy Perris removing our stuffed and very heavy bins. Thank you!

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