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Manufacturing Apprenticeship Tax Credit

Due to the current and impending shortage of skilled craft workers in the manufacturing trades in Connecticut, corporations who employ an apprentice will be entitled to the Tax Credit for Manufacturing Apprenticeships.

Corporations claiming this tax credit must have a qualified apprenticeship training program:

  • Certified in accordance with regulations adopted by the Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Registered with theConnecticut State Apprenticeship Council

The apprenticeship program must meet the following requirements:

  • The apprenticeship period must be at least 4,000 hours … Continue reading »

    How a Connecticut ‘C’ Corporation can claim the Neighborhood Assistant Act Credit


    Connecticut ‘C’ Corporations can avail themselves to the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act Credit.

    The concept of the credit is to promote funding for tax exempt and municipal organizations by providing a Connecticut income tax credit for ‘C’ Corporations.

    Click here for a List of Approved Program Proposals.

    How to Claim the Connecticut Small Business New Employee Tax Credit

    Did you know that CT provides tax incentives to hire new employees in small businesses?

    The Qualified Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit Program provides incentives to Connecticut’s small businesses to hire new full-time employees. Under this program Connecticut-based businesses with less than fifty employees are eligible for a $200 per month tax credit for each new full-time employee they hire. Below are the guidelines for the program, a link to the application and the contact.

    Overview of the Tax Provisions in the 2010 Small Business Jobs Act

    The recently enacted 2010 Small Business Jobs Act includes a wide-ranging assortment of tax breaks and incentives for small business paid for with various revenue raisers. Here's a brief overview of the tax changes in the new law.

    Three Things a Business Owner Needs to Calculate their Tax Credit for Health Care Premiums

    The recent health care reform has allowed eligible businesses to claim a credit for premiums paid for health insurance. For 2010, the maximum credit is 35% of the employer's premium.