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When to Borrow Against Your 401(k) Plan

While you don’t necessarily want to borrow against your 401(k) plan, there might be some situations when you would consider it.

401(k) Plan Loans

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) allows employers to allow employees to borrow against their 401(k) plan. For an employee to borrow against his 401(k) plan this loan provision must in the plan document. The maximum that can be borrowed is one-half the account value, not to exceed $50,000.  The employee must … Continue reading »

The Last Mortgage Refinance

What direction do you think interest rates are headed in? Homeowners have ridden the variable interest rate mortgage ride for all it's worth. The prime rate hit 20% in 1980.  Since then interest rates have been in a long and steady decline.  Along the way, borrowers would refinance their house and take out more cash as the value of the property was rising.  Times have changed just a wee bit. 

Rising Rates and Five Other Housing Trends

Guest Post by Bill T. Daniels, Certified Mortgage Coach

The Federal Reserve's purchases of mortgage-backed securities kept interest rates near historic lows for much of last year.  But within a week of the program's expiration, rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages jumped from 5.04 percent to 5.31.  Now many analysts are predicting rates will likely rise as high as 6 percent by early next year.  Here are five other housing trends to watch:

Mortgage Lending Industry Update

Guest Post by Jeff Daniels, Branch Manager, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

You don’t have to be in the real estate industry to know we are in a tough market. Government is making changes to compliance in the lending industry that is slowing down the process. 

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