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How NOT to Fire Your CPA

While we are addressing a CPA here, please feel free to substitute Attorney, Financial Advisor, Etc.

We had a former client terminate us recently. They had been a client for over 25 years. Second generation business, a small, local business.  Nice people. They recently ended our relationship.


By sending a letter.


25 years of (apparently) (at least) decent service and you send a letter?

The Last (Really BIG) Tax-Free Gift

Under current federal estate tax law there is an exclusion up to $5.12 million in 2012. Taxable estates above this amount are taxed at 35%. This exclusion is scheduled to decrease to $1 million beginning in 2013. The tax rate will also increase to 55%. This exclusion can be used either at death or during life.  In other words, the federal estate tax and the federal gift tax are unified.

There is speculation that Congress won’t allow this exclusion to … Continue reading »