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3 Proven Reasons a Connecticut Business Owner Should Elect Subchapter S

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Business owners of corporations will by default have a “C” Corporation.  If they are eligible and they elect, they could be a Subchapter S (“Sub S”) corporation.




An eligible Sub S corporation meets the following criteria:

How to Get an IRS Civil Penalty Waived and Keep Your Small Business

Recently, we were able to get a $49,000 IRS civil penalty waived for one of our Connecticut business clients.  If we failed to get this penalty waived, this business would have closed its doors.

Why It’s Important to Take a Vacation

The recession has small business owners everywhere cancelling or postponing their vacations. In 2010, 55% of small business owners had not taken a vacation in the last two or more years per a recent poll.  Research shows that men who take vacations are 32% less likely to die of heart disease; women who vacation at least two times a year are less likely to suffer from heart … Continue reading »

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