4 Easy and (Mostly) Free Ways to Deliver Your Tax Documents to Us

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Sending mail through the U.S. Postal Service can been VERY slow recently.  Some people were saying they received holiday cards…in the second week of February.

We inquired with one of the postal carriers that delivers our mail about why there was such a delay.  He indicated that all the local mail goes to Hartford, Connecticut. Then it goes to Springfield, Massachusetts. Now, I don’t have any experience delivering mail but…really???

Here are 4 Easy Ways to get your Tax Documents to us:


1)  Use The Client Portal

We offer our clients a Client Portal. It is a secure online way to share documents with us and get your tax returns posted in there also. We have seen a huge increase in the Client Portal usage since to the Pandemic.

If you do not have a Client Portal, please give us a call and we can set you up with one.


2)  Drop Off Your Documents

If it is convenient for you, you can drop off your documents at one of our offices. The Manchester office is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. The hours in the Storrs* and Niantic offices vary so please call ahead.


There also are locked Drop Boxes outside the Manchester & Storrs offices if you need to drop your documents to us after hours. We check the box twice a day during tax season.

*The Storrs office has moved across the street. The new address is 1734 Storrs Road.



3)  Send the Documents Two-Day Mail

Ok, this one is not free, but it is worth it. When you use two-day Mail, the package is assigned a tracking number. This makes it easy to follow up on if there is a delay. Our experience is that most two-day mail actually arrives the next day.



4)  Fax the Documents to Us

I know this ‘technology’ is old school. That is fine. It still works. If this works for you, it works for us. This method is not the best one, though, if you have multiple, many-paged documents.Our fax numbers are:

Manchester (860)643-4858

Niantic (860)739-4880

Storrs (860)429-1847



Action Item

Please use one of the four methods mentioned above to deliver your tax documents to us. Please do not email us your documents. Email is not encrypted, and therefore your private information is not secure.
Please have your material to us, even if you haven’t received 100% of your records, by MARCH 15th. Anyone that comes in AFTER March 15th will be put on extension.
One comment on “4 Easy and (Mostly) Free Ways to Deliver Your Tax Documents to Us
  1. Maria McEvoy says:

    It is always a good idea to wait until you receive all your K-1s prior to filing.