How to Apply for the Connecticut Small Business Express Job Creation Incentive Program

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The State of Connecticut Small Business Express Program (EXP”) was designed to provide loans and grants to Connecticut small business to spur growth and job creation. The program offers access to capital and incentives for loans and grant funds to provide jobs as follows:



For Access to Capital:

* EXP Revolving Loan Fund

For Incentive Loan and Grant Funds to Create Jobs:

* EXP Job Creation Incentive Loan

* EXP Matching Grant


To Be Eligible for the EXP Job Creation Incentive Loan Program:

* Employ not more than one hundred employees

* Have operations in Connecticut

* Have been registered to conduct business for not less than twelve months, and

* Be in good standing with the payment of all state and local taxes and with all state agencies



* Economic-based industries

* Businesses creating new jobs that will be maintained for at least 12 consecutive months


Eligible Expenditures Include:

* Training

* Marketing

* Working Capital

* Other business-related expenses as authorized by the Commissioner of DECD


Terms & Conditions:

* Loan amounts from $10,000 to a maximum of $300,000

* Up to 4% interest rate

* Maximum 10-year term

* Commissioner may:

-Defer loan payments

-Forgive part of loan based on business’ attainment of job creation goals up to 50% of the loan

* DECD determines loan terms, conditions, and collateral requirements in a manner that prioritizes job creation and retention


Application Process:

To apply business owners must submit the application.  There are program guidelines to assist you.

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