4 Proven Ways You Can Be Grateful Every Day as Thanksgiving


Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

You will (likely) be grateful for…..fill in the blank…

You don’t need to wait until next Thanksgiving to be grateful again.

You can be grateful every day.

Here’s how to be grateful every day:


    1) If you, your family and friends are healthy – Be Grateful – Everything else is extra.


    2) If you, your family and friends survived Hurricane Sandy – Be Grateful – The devastation was unbelievable.


    3) If you are employed – Be Grateful – There are a lot of people that are unemployed or underemployed.


    4) If you consistently say, “Please” and “Thank You” – This will go a long way to being grateful.


How will you be grateful every day?

Please leave your comments below.

Tom Scanlon, CPA, CFP® has over thirty-five years experience in public accounting with an extensive background in the areas of financial, tax and estate planning.

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