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4 Reasons to File Form 1099

1) Payments made to independent contractors. Payments to independent contractors over $600 need to be issued a Form 1099-Miscellaneous.  This form needs to be issued to all unincorporated vendors.  An unincorporated business is one that is a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company (“LLC”).

The Difference Between an Asset Sale and a Stock Sale

Closely Held Businesses looking to negotiate a sale of their business will either do an Asset Sale or a Stock Sale.

Asset Sale

With an asset sale, the buyer is buying the assets of the business. These assets will be identified in the purchase and sale agreement. They may include accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets including office furniture, machinery and vehicles. Additionally they may include intangible assets like customer lists, work force in place, goodwill and a non-compete agreement. … Continue reading »

Ten Tips to Help You Choose a Tax Preparer

The IRS has published 10 tips to help you choose a paid tax preparer to file your return this year. Even if a return is prepared by someone else, the taxpayer is legally responsible for what’s on it. So, it’s very important to choose your tax preparer carefully. Here are the IRS’s top ten tips to keep in mind when choosing a tax return preparer:



1. … Continue reading »

It’s 1099-Reporting Time Again…

January 31st is the deadline to furnish Form 1099- Misc. to recipients.

The 1099-MISC form is used to report more than two dozen types of payments that must be claimed as income by the recipient. This category includes payments made by businesses as fees to attorneys, service providers and freelancers. Other types of payments covered by the 1099-MISC include reimbursement for auto expenses, awards and bonuses, commissions, prizes and vacation allowances for non-employees.

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