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How to Survive an IRS Audit from Hell

Recently we helped a client survive an Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Audit. Ultimately, we got a very good outcome.  The taxpayer owed $219.  That’s as close to “No Change” as you can get!

How to Give a Power of Attorney to Your CPA to Deal With the IRS

Today’s routine is similar to many other days until you started opening your mail.  In today’s mail is a notice that you are being audited by the IRS. Now what do you do?  Give your CPA a Power of Attorney.

How to Get an IRS Civil Penalty Waived and Keep Your Small Business

Recently, we were able to get a $49,000 IRS civil penalty waived for one of our Connecticut business clients.  If we failed to get this penalty waived, this business would have closed its doors.

Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in an IRS Audit

Most taxpayers should not represent themselves in an IRS audit.  Most taxpayers should have their CPA or tax preparer represent them.  If they hire their CPA, they should not accompany them to the audit.  Why?  They might be tempted to answer unasked questions.