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19 Taxes and Counting

19 Kids and Counting is TLC’s TV show about the Duggar family.  I’m not sure what is scarier, the fact that they already have 19 kids or the rest of the title…”and Counting.”

How (And When) to File a Federal Gift Tax Return

Form 709, is required to be filed if a gift is made to someone for more than $13,000 in one year.  Gifts between spouses are not required to file.  Gifts can be made to an unlimited number of people in a year provided they are below the $13,000 per person annual exclusion.

Can't Get Your Taxes Done by April 15th…File an Extension

Some people just can't seem to get their tax return completed and filed by April 15.  Others just don't have all of their documents as they’re still waiting for the K-1's from their partnership investments.  Still others have inertia and just don't want to deal with it.

Five Last Minute Tax Deductions

April 15th is near and you're looking for a few more tax deductions.  Look no further.  Here are five last minute tax deductions.