Roth IRA…The Ultimate Retirement Tax Tool

Last week we discussed the IRA.  This week we'll talk about the Roth IRA.

Who is eligible for a Roth IRA?

  • You need to have earned income at least up to the amount of the contribution.
  • There is a phase out for Roth IRA's based on your Adjusted Gross Income.  In 2009, it is as follows:

Happy New Tax Year!

The book is closed on 2009.  The year 2010 begins with optimism and too many New Year's resolutions.  Sales of gym memberships, diet schemes, and how-to-quit-smoking plans peak at this time of year.

A Trunk Full of Turkeys

Peter, Aaron, Tom This holiday season, the partners of Borgida & Company received a "Trunk Full of Turkeys" from their staff. All were donated to Manchester Food Pantry.



1099 Reporting Guidelines

January 31, 2010 is the deadline to furnish Form 1099-MISC to recipients.  The 1099-MISC form is used to report more than two dozen types of payments that must be claimed as income by the recipient. 

Hartford Business Journal Interview with Tom Scanlon

  Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon was interviewed by the Hartford Business Journal on the Seven Sins of Financial Planning™.   more


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